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These are really expensive, but feel amazing to sleep in. We had to buy a stretchy type of sheet set for our new Purple mattress. It fits great and feels so soft and luxurious, but I would expect that for an $80 sheet set. They work great in the winter and I’m sure will help keep me cool in the summertime. I’ve only had them a few months though. I will update later on. I’ve read many reviews regarding holes after a few washes.
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I needed a pair of work gloves, but my hands are too small for most gloves that are advertised as "work gloves." I usually have to use garden gloves. These are by far the best garden gloves I have used as a work glove replacement. I’ve used them before. They can take a beating, don’t tear easily, have a great grip, they are thick enough to not worry about bug bites, and the fit makes it so I have the same mobility that large heavy duty gloves don’t allow.
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