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Products and services needed for the project will be delivered over the three year estimated construction period, says IBM.When complete, the building will support 70,000 square feet of raised floor data center space and provide facilities to support on demand server capacity services and Business Continuity and Resiliency Services delivered through RackForce and IBM Global Services, say the companies.This is one of many data center initiatives IBM has launched recently as part of Big Green, a $1 billion initiative to dramatically reduce energy use by IBM and its clients. 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At the time, the company said it would use the money to accelerate the growth of its business through expanding its data centers, as well as through acquisitions.Telx data centers serve over 900 customers with about 34,000 interconnections. Through Telx data centers, customers can connect with hundreds of communication service providers, enterprises and cloud providers in Telx facilities.Since being acquired by GI Partners in 2006, Telx achieved considerable organic growth in its existing markets, expanding its national footprint to 15 locations including two data centers at the time of the acquisition.GI Partners also significantly expanded the management team with the appointment of industry veteran Eric Shepcaro as CEO, in addition to several other senior positions.These initiatives have helped Telx to achieve significant sales and EBITDA gains, including of over 40 percent throughout the hold period despite the recession, according to the perss release.That being said, the company has had some setbacks in recent years, reporting a net loss of $9.9 million in 2009.delivers best in class interconnection and colocation services and has achieved consistent growth and profitability since its acquisition by GI Partners, said Eric Shepcaro, CEO of Telx.Regardless of any reservations diehard fans (myself included) may have, X Men Origins: Wolverine looks set to be a hit for Fox this summer, but probably not on the same scale as Warner Bros’ WATCHMEN. 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